This is my testimonial/review and suggestions for the bot.

So if you're interested in trying out the bot, I suggest you read through here.

I obtained a copy of the GUNBOT from Gunbot support team on December 27, 2016.

About the GUNBOT

It is KISS (keep it simple stupid), with all the fancy things other platforms at bot has, its a no frills make money bot, now its not gonna make you money if you do not know how to use it, I wanted to run it on Linux so it took some trial and error, but ultimately I got it running and connected with Gunbot support team.

User Interface
The UI is CLI, so its perfect for fundamentalists like me, I prefer CLI over GUI, its more efficient to run over multi pairs, so you can really make this thing into a power trading house.

User Friendliness
The bot should be easy to understand if you have some basic knowledge in trading and markets,
if you are complete newbie I suggest you do some homework before diving into it, even I had to go under at times due to my misconfiguration in the beginning, (PS back in the green now of course, but it is def profitable)

Operating the bot
I use Linux to run this, and Gunbot team showed me how to use SCREEN on Linux, it is much easier to manage than in WIN version I think due to the lack of screen real estate I have.

Trading Strategy
It uses 2MA simple and time-proven strategy to trade as explained by Gunbot team, I also use it at times to help me go into some manual positions, it's just a valuable tool to analyze the markets. If you want to utilize more advanced trading strategies, you should use more complex tools, this is a solid tool that does what it needs to do.

Gunbot team is always there to help out with the bot and would also give advice and guide you on how to use it properly. They were very helpful in the whole process and patient as ever with newbie questions. Don't forget to tip them!