Looks good and works I have to say. Will be using it for a week and see my results.

I have been running for about 24 hours, on 5 pairs. It is scary to think a bot is handling your money… just have to not panic as is stated many times here :). So far I am in a profit.

I did have some crashes though. I am running this on my home server in a VM locked down, windows 7 64 bit. I noticed the bot didn't do anything for about 5 hours on poloniex… was thinking maybe it was just waiting for a good time. I closed it all down and while doing so I had a C++ error. Should have saved it.

Started back up and away it went again.

Hope to continue with this bot of yours, looks very hopeful and it is just the start 😉

I do agree with some of the posts, I feel like the GUI needs some work. The settings and such are laid out and instructions are clear. I think something of a tabbed view would be best for all the bots, or a simple as a tab that shows the current bots and their progress or something in a nice window, rather than 5 console looking windows. Maybe with a button each to open the console session. I have worked on GUIs back in the day, as well as some coding but it has been awhile. I could sketch some GUIs up or something to see what I mean. I noticed it isn't voted very high, people would rather have a second exchange. But my only complaint is the GUI and all those console windows and the one crash I had.

Nice to see recent updates Gunbot team! Like others said, how do we get the latest version? I'd pm you as well.