This is my testimonial/review and suggestions for the bot. I would update this post every day (assuming I would not busy). So if you're interested in the bot, I suggest you read through here.

I got a copy of the GUNBOT from Gunbot support team on December 31, 2016. They gave me a wonderful 15 days to try it out. So I have until January 14, 2017, to try it!

About the GUNBOT

Plain and simple, the bot is plain and simple. Which is a good thing. No beating around the bush it just plain works as simple as that!

It’s a bit rough around the edges but totally working and I would say will pay for itself with the right amount of investments based on my observation of the first day it was trading.

User Interface
The UI is quite basic but functional, probably in the next updates, we would see some great UI. But currently, the UI will suffice for an investor's needs.

User Friendliness
The bot is basically easy to use even for a newbie in trading and technically I am a newbie in trading. The bot is quite easy to work around and doesn't require knowledge of any programming or tweaking the program. It just requires the settings, and honestly, the settings are easy to understand, just that tweaking it would require trader knowledge and experience. Well honestly, you would really require trader knowledge in this since you are trading, right?

Operating the bot
At the login page, the user will have to do is input API key and Secret API key then the program will show the settings of the bot. All the user have to do next is tweak the settings, again you need trading knowledge here, then just hit start. The settings would require, however, to set and start each PAIR (i.e. BTC/ETH, BTC/LTC, BTC/DOGE, etc.). So, for example, you want to trade as five pairs. Then you have to do start the bot five times.

Trading Strategy
The bot is performing what it needs to do! It trades based on the preset strategy based on the EMA1 and EMA2. So far it is looking to be an effective strategy and would seem to be profitable in the short-run as well as in the long-run.