I’ve been using GunBot for 2 days by now and I can say the bot is working. GunBot has pros and cons.

The pros: the bot is working and makes you profit if you know what to choose.

The cons are:
-the windows should be labeled with the pair you trade.
-I want to see the price for the last trade (buy or sell ) in that window, not to check on the poloniex history

I would like to see an option in which the bot remembers and never cross the amount of BTC it started with on each pair. Let's say I start with 20% MAX Balance to trade and 1 BTC in BTC/ETH pair. So 20% is 0.20 BTC max that the bot could use on that pair. And that should be the same for all pairs, regardless of the fact that it enters the market faster for some pairs and slower for some due to noticed market better opportunity.

Basically, set 100% balance or 50% or whatever you want. Let's say I want 20% in XMR, 30 % in ETH, and 10 % in PASC. The remaining of 60% should be untouched unless I decide to use on some other pair

l. If the bot makes a positive gain buys low -> sells higher and let's say we will realize a 0.21 BTC profit at the end of that cycle the bot must not use more than 0.20 BTC it started with at next buy/sell
2. If the bot makes a negative gain : buys high-> sells lower dues to stop loss and we will have 0.19 BTC the bot must check to not invest more than it resulted in last trade aka 0.19 BTC, preventing it to drain your balance on making more buy orders on dumps -> bot sees them better opportunity to invest..crossing EMA, etc
Also, could you add besides EMA also RSI, MACD or BB, or all 🙂 ? So that would require less babysitting