I know, that sounds sensationalist, but that's how I really feel about Gunbot.

I bought a license back at the end of March. Since then, I've more than doubled my btc. I put in total about 1.25btc capital and this morning I’m at around 3.02btc. I've been pretty aggressive trying different settings, versions, and more or less obsessing over things. But I've seen others that have done just some minor updates on buy amounts, levels, etc, and have had consistent profits. So you can either go hard on it or easy and still make great profits.

I am a programmer and this was the first time I started doing any kind of trading. I've also tried out a few other bots and services in the past month and Gunbot is still my favorite. In fact, I feel like it's the one I trust the most to generate profits.

There have been a few others that have said the bot has bought coins that might have lost a little, but I've heard Gunbot team say many times that the bot's goal is to never lose and if you can park those bags for later, in this market, they will eventually sell. I would say I've probably had bags around 15% of the time and the other 85% have been solid profits. That's awesome in my mind.

Gunbot team
Super cool, responsive, patient! Gunbot team has always given me great feedback and been helpful with all my questions. I completely appreciate their input and you couldn't ask for a more level-headed bot creator.

They also are great on getting fixes released – they're still into it and genuinely care. This isn't some project that they just released and they check in every now and then. They're in it every day.

The Telegram Group
Solid bunch of folks. I've fielded newb questions and I see others doing it all the time. The main vibe is getting people to keep moving on their journey to generating profits. Some people post their settings, others give a lot of great feedback on what works and doesn't. There are still others that generate some great posts on the gunthy.org message board. All in all, everyone's engaged, helpful, and into the Gunbot.

3rd Party
There are some great 3rd party uitils like spreadsheets (to track your progress), a web interface to get insight into your progress, and a few other things. I think Gunbot support team is starting to open up some of the data more to make it easier for more plugins to be built on top of Gunbot. Smart move in my mind and yet another reason to join.

My overall recommendation
BUY ASAP – get it while you can since BTC keeps going up.
• Once you buy your license (I started with Poloniex first), search the Telegram group or ask around for pair recommendations.
• Start off with just a few to get the feel of it.
• Once you can see the profits are there, add more pairs. This is exactly what I did.

Can’t say enough good things about Gunbot. It's on its way to paying for a Hawaii vacation for the family and after that, who knows?