Hello, my fellow Gunbotters!

Some are already of the famiglia, many are just arriving, and my message today is good for everyone.

As you well know, GUNBOT works 🙂

Today I complete 1 month of a test account and I'd like to share the results with you to reassure you have made an excellent choice 😉

Many updates were released, a lot of different settings – with many of them implemented thanks to the great community we have, and the great team of Gunbot, always listening to us – even if it's for denying an update request – explaining in Italian way if needed, the reason to implement or not to implement something.

For me, GUNBOT – not the bot itself, but the mentality and attitude on its backend – represents a change of paradigm that many can experience now, all due to the digital era and the growing collaborativeness that is shaping an economy of abundance. I really wish that all of us can take the maximum of what GUNBOT is offering, which is much more than a way to make money – and all of that for 0.1 BTC… and can make something positive with it.