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Plus More Than 100 EXCHANGES  and New Ones Added as they Become Available in the CCXT Library Supported Exchanges List

What is Gunbot ?

Gunbot comes with many features that help you maximize the profits

Multiple Buy & Sell

Over 32 different trading strategies

YES Its Onetime Payment
– Lifetime Licence –

Pay only once and get all updates for free

Works on Windows,
Linux and Mac

All operating system supported

Gunbot Licence Pricing

We offer Gunbot in 4 different options, each tailored to your specific trading needs:


# of API Slots

Exchanges available

# of Strategies

Confirming Indicators


Bag Handling

Margin Trading

Add-Ons included



Trading View

Your text


0.04 ฿

0.01 ฿


1 API Slot

For 1 exchange

3 trading strategies


0.1 ฿

0.025 ฿


1 API Slot

For 1 exchange

All trading strategies



0.15 ฿

0.0375 ฿


3 API Slots

For 3 exchanges

All trading strategies



0.25 ฿

0.0625 ฿


5 API Slots

For 5 exchanges

All trading strategies


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Gunbot Extensions

Gunbot Version

฿0.0125 – ฿0.0525

Gunbot Exchanges

฿0.050 – ฿0.100




฿0.035 – ฿0.050

Exchange Swap


Gunbot VPS


Cryptosight Addon


Tradingview Addon


Backtesting Addon


Bitrage (Coming Soon)


How does GunBot work ?

Download & Run

All you need to do is Get your API key (that is also the licence key), Download GunBot and Run it!
Simply download, configure ( add your API Keys / Coins Pairs / Strategies ) and run Gunbot!

GunBot Configuration

You must configure the Bot before you run it. Set the Pair (BTC-ETH), Set the Amount you want to trade, the Buy and Sell Strategy and you are done.
More info can be found in the Gunbot Wiki.

Hardware Requirements

You can run GunBot from your own computer / laptop OR you can buy a VPS (virtual private server)  We recommend choosing an instance with a min. 4 cores and 4 GB RAM.

Let the Money come to you!

All set-up ?! Great! Then let the money come to you! Check your configuration settings from time to time and besides that look for Free Tools that can help you in choosing the best settings for your Coin Pairs.

GBU Associate


We don't hide behind the computers like other gunbot resellers, below are real people, the team who you will be dealing with and get your bot running in no time.
Poy TB

Poy TB

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Shoaib MT

Shoaib MT

BuyGunbot Support
Gunbot University

Gunbot University

What Clients Say?


well, all I can say that it’s JUST SIMPLY WORKING!!! Even with BTC ups and downs. Even with small balances (like in my case). It's doing its job – brings U profit!

Gunbot pros –
• user-friendly usage`
• dev support
• reliable WORKING algo
• low price

Gunbot cons –
not found, to tell the truth. Or maybe I'm too excited by that)

Profit is small because of my low initial BTC volume, but I will not give up!) It is 1 dollar at 950-BTC. (1/27 of initial balance) Let’s say If I had 2 BTC there I estimate my profit as 50-100 bucks A DAY.
Thanks, Gun! Best wishes!



Thanks, Gunbot team!!!
I bought the software and tested for a week with a capital of 0.04 BTC…. just a word….wonderful !!
My personal recommendation: let GunBot do your job, do not be greedy, and nothing will go wrong 🙂 Great work Gunbot team



Just wanted to let people know that Gunbot team has another happy customer over here. Paid for the bot, got the bot, installed the bot, installed node.js. Couple hours later I'm trading 5 pairs seeing profits. Thank you. Pleasure doing business.



It works!

The support is great. The dev is very intelligent and listens to his public. I started with ฿ l.426 on March 2nd and now a 1 ฿2.05 🙂

Couldn't have made a better choice.



I would like to say that GunBot is definitely legit. Since a couple of hours, I have been running it on one coin without altering too many settings, and it has made me a good ROI already.

GunBot is worth more than what it is sold for!



Hey guys,

I really appreciate Gunbot team working over here with this bot, they are amazing, I got ROI in less than 1 week and even got profit, working with l.5btc. I am gonna add more and share this thing all over the world. Just stop what are you doing investing in other craps over the Internet and get something useful, the support is amazingly full of supporting guys.

P.S. If you like Gunbot team's work don't forget to tip them they are amazing guys!



I purchased this bot when .1 btc was about 100 USD. I would gladly pay the same price even if .1 was worth 180, 200, 220 dollars. You won't find a more active community in both development and support – that alone is worth more than .1 btc.

You'll make your BTC back in a short time.



Very good bot! Very good support! I recommend!

Mag Fargo


Can confirm, sell orders adjusted automatically over time. I now have a very healthy spread of sell orders on multiple coins, with my longest current hold being BTC/REP at about 21 hours due to a price drop. Consistent profit, diverse portfolio, very low stress.

Kudos, Gunbot team. I am impressed.



THIS BOT IS THE REAL DEAL. I have only been using gunbot for about 4 days. Using 2btc to start it has paid for itself 3x and also I am good with configuring bots from back in the day (yay mmos) and ppl msg me and have been sending donations for help with their settings! I have received .035 btc just for helping ppl pick sets and do settings. The community is amazing, I recommend Gunbot team highly to buy from, I messed up my API key TWICE and they still got it going no prob, good guys)

I felt compelled to donate an extra .01 btc to the cause and then another .01 to Gunbot team but they said you would rather give an honest review, my review is this, it is worth lOx this price, if you trade crypto, this bot will make you money.



First of all, thank you Gunbot team for creating such program that generating profit without any trading knowledge 😉

I started to use this program 16th May and didnt deposit much ฿, just want to see how its gonna work or not. Well, it worked like a charm 🙂

There are still 6 open orders at total and i made 0,024742120฿ profit with a really low amount of ฿. Now its time to deposit more to gain more 🙂



If you are on the fence about buying Gunbot, I just want to mention that Gunbot team is amazing. It seems like they live to perfect and support this program. When you purchase Gunbot, you are given an invite to a Telegram chat that Gunbot team and, what seems like, thousands of other users hang out in. The users can answer most of your questions pretty much immediately, and if not, Gunbot team is never far behind. They've created a forum that has tons of useful information available also. I've been running the program for about 5 days now and have already turned a profit. I'm guessing the program will pay for itself and the VPS it's running on by the end of the 7th day.



I also bought this a few days ago, I am trading at a profit.

+1 for the suggestion to reduce the amount of clutter in the console box.



Gunbot with some outstanding features…

It works great. It does exactly what it says. 24/7 trading bot, even when you sleep or not in front on Poloniex.

make sure you trade with high volume coins and one can easily gain min 1-3% profit daily…

Gunbot support has been very impressive, quick response and always available to resolve queries…

Gunbot is a must for those who are looking to snatch quick profit, without moving a fingertip…



For everybody asking how much this bot makes, I can say from my experience, with 2btc deposit, ROI is around 60 hours. Pretty much amazing.



Mad updates from Gunbot team, the bot is on fucking fire!

Live Long G



new user…and I am absolute, 100%, totally THRILLED with it so far!

thank you so much for sharing



thanks, Gunbot team,
nothing else to add
running smoothly two weeks
some currencies (with lower liquidity) still in minus, will delete them later but even with that 15% at least already

I cannot imagine how could it be better.
It's obvious that the guy who programmed it thinks like WE 😉



This bot looks so great!

All people who buy it just still happy!

I'll take a new look into this, and when I get this money, ill spend with this!



hello Gunbot team… the bot is running smood… 30 coins are running without a problem… thanks for that…
was wondering when the next version will be out??
will you let everybody know here?
greetz ivan
ps: keep up the good work… 🙂



I read all the pages to make sure that everything is fine!) (Spent 24 hours).
• When buying a bot I was sure of its efficiency!
• having bought it I was convinced of it!
• it works!

Thank you Gunbot team!!! 🙂



I started with about 0.76 btc on Jan 1. On Jan 14th, I had 1 btc value in my account. The bot definitely trades well. I bought the license. I had been playing with the price to sell and buy configurations. I changed the price to sell to 2%(but I also tried 1.5%) and price to buy 1%. I'm still going to try ema adjustments. Looking forward to updates but it already works well, I just wish I had more btc to trade.



As promised I'm back after around 24 hours leaving the bot on. Starting with a capital of 0.3423 BTC and traded mainly on pairs BTC/XMR-ETH-ETC, so far I'm up 0.012XX BTC or more or less 3%. Very good start indeed.



I joined the GunBot Train … Will add my review after some testing.

At a first glance, I paid upfront, took the risk and there were no problems.

At the time. I'm running the bot for a couple of hours now, and I did make a profit .. a small profit as I'm still learning .. but hey ! it works! 🙂

Good job Gunbot team!



Been lurking around here for awhile..finally made an account!

GunBot sounds incredible. Ready to jump in with both feet! PM sent!



It took me like 2 minutes to get the bot. Telegram is a fast way to chat 🙂

I finally bought it. I have the bot. It is an amazing feeling.

Let's hope that one day I will have enough money to trade with 12 pairs at the same time 🙂

Captain Corporate


Hello, my fellow Gunbotters!

Some are already of the famiglia, many are just arriving, and my message today is good for everyone.

As you well know, GUNBOT works 🙂

Today I complete 1 month of a test account and I'd like to share the results with you to reassure you have made an excellent choice 😉

Many updates were released, a lot of different settings – with many of them implemented thanks to the great community we have, and the great team of Gunbot, always listening to us – even if it's for denying an update request – explaining in Italian way if needed, the reason to implement or not to implement something.

For me, GUNBOT – not the bot itself, but the mentality and attitude on its backend – represents a change of paradigm that many can experience now, all due to the digital era and the growing collaborativeness that is shaping an economy of abundance. I really wish that all of us can take the maximum of what GUNBOT is offering, which is much more than a way to make money – and all of that for 0.1 BTC… and can make something positive with it.



The bots are nice and very helpful to me, I ever use and proven gave me profit when trading. I hope dev. also create another exchange trading like Bittrex, Liqui, and Yobit. Thanks.



I have been testing this out for about 12 hours on ETH. So far, have a .1% net profit



Great news about the new version. I haven't used mine in several weeks but it was working great. I saw that you were doing a bounty for installation instructions on the telegram. I forgot how I installed it Could you tell me where I could find it? I had to disable telegram notifications because they were going off in the middle of the night for me 😉



For my part, I can clearly answer with YES! I bought the bot in January and I am still using it! (not with 10 btc though, I don't have so much 🙂
The bot works as expected. (Great work btw, Gunbot team)
That has nothing to do with magic – it is pure mathematics.
The bot buys for amount XXX BTC and it sells for the amount XXX BTC + (your % gain you set in the preferences).
You tell the bot which amount you want to trade and how much % gain you want.
There is nothing the bot can make wrong!
It just can't sell at a loss!



I have been testing GUNBOT v3 with Bollinger Bands strategy,1 BTC starting capital with only 6/8 pairs.I am now at the middle of day 5 and so far I am averaging + 0.02X฿ (with BTC at 1200€ I am making 22-25 EUR/day in average).
Definitely working.



Here is my little review about GUNBOT. I've tried it from 26.12 till 02.01 and, in fact, all I can say that this thing is working and working great! I've tried to use gunbot on ETH, ETC, XMR, FCT, ZEC, MAID, NAV. A week before the new year was pretty volatile, but gunbot has done its job – I’ve got little profit on all pairs!

I can not mention the perfect support from Gunbot team on all questions from installing to trading. P.S. I've tried to run gunbot on macOS and it works perfectly smooth, just as on linux.



I got the bot. I send 0.09 ฿ and received a couple of minutes later instructions on how to install the bot. I was surprised how fast that was.

Installation is doable. I setup a Linux VPS and I will let it run now. Let's see how it goes. The community seems nice and very helpful. There is a forum with instructions and tutorials and a telegram group where you can ask any question 🙂



Hi guys.

Just bought gunbot and trying it out now. Looks promising so far.
Is there a way how I can trade more than one currency pair at the time?




I know, that sounds sensationalist, but that's how I really feel about Gunbot.

I bought a license back at the end of March. Since then, I've more than doubled my btc. I put in total about 1.25btc capital and this morning I’m at around 3.02btc. I've been pretty aggressive trying different settings, versions, and more or less obsessing over things. But I've seen others that have done just some minor updates on buy amounts, levels, etc, and have had consistent profits. So you can either go hard on it or easy and still make great profits.

I am a programmer and this was the first time I started doing any kind of trading. I've also tried out a few other bots and services in the past month and Gunbot is still my favorite. In fact, I feel like it's the one I trust the most to generate profits.

There have been a few others that have said the bot has bought coins that might have lost a little, but I've heard Gunbot team say many times that the bot's goal is to never lose and if you can park those bags for later, in this market, they will eventually sell. I would say I've probably had bags around 15% of the time and the other 85% have been solid profits. That's awesome in my mind.

Gunbot team
Super cool, responsive, patient! Gunbot team has always given me great feedback and been helpful with all my questions. I completely appreciate their input and you couldn't ask for a more level-headed bot creator.

They also are great on getting fixes released – they're still into it and genuinely care. This isn't some project that they just released and they check in every now and then. They're in it every day.

The Telegram Group
Solid bunch of folks. I've fielded newb questions and I see others doing it all the time. The main vibe is getting people to keep moving on their journey to generating profits. Some people post their settings, others give a lot of great feedback on what works and doesn't. There are still others that generate some great posts on the message board. All in all, everyone's engaged, helpful, and into the Gunbot.

3rd Party
There are some great 3rd party uitils like spreadsheets (to track your progress), a web interface to get insight into your progress, and a few other things. I think Gunbot support team is starting to open up some of the data more to make it easier for more plugins to be built on top of Gunbot. Smart move in my mind and yet another reason to join.

My overall recommendation
• BUY ASAP – get it while you can since BTC keeps going up.
• Once you buy your license (I started with Poloniex first), search the Telegram group or ask around for pair recommendations.
• Start off with just a few to get the feel of it.
• Once you can see the profits are there, add more pairs. This is exactly what I did.

Can’t say enough good things about Gunbot. It's on its way to paying for a Hawaii vacation for the family and after that, who knows?



Mr. Bodz's review

Gunbot team helped me through with some really stupid questions, they also fixed the bot when there was an issue with it when they first sent it to me.
They have taken on board a number of suggestions we discussed.

The bot runs perfectly fine in a forever script on ubuntu 16. I've just used the default settings and let it run. I tested it out with 0.1 BTC (just under) as of the current moment, poloniex is reporting the value as 0.10155425 BTC with quite a number of open sell orders atm. Not a massive amount but something is better than nothing. I contributed to the little amount of profit by selling a number of coins at a loss.

Looking forward to buying the bot myself but it may not be for everyone.




Yep, I got the bot when 0.1 is a couple hundreds of dollars now, but it is worth every penny. It is trading 24/7 while you sleep and everything. Totally worth it, made multiple the initial invest already!



Wow Gunbot team, awesome values you have there!!!

Are you running the default PureBB Settings? 25/25?

That makes me consider buy the bot actually and make some investment!



I’ve been using GunBot for 2 days by now and I can say the bot is working. GunBot has pros and cons.

The pros: the bot is working and makes you profit if you know what to choose.

The cons are:
-the windows should be labeled with the pair you trade.
-I want to see the price for the last trade (buy or sell ) in that window, not to check on the poloniex history

I would like to see an option in which the bot remembers and never cross the amount of BTC it started with on each pair. Let's say I start with 20% MAX Balance to trade and 1 BTC in BTC/ETH pair. So 20% is 0.20 BTC max that the bot could use on that pair. And that should be the same for all pairs, regardless of the fact that it enters the market faster for some pairs and slower for some due to noticed market better opportunity.

Basically, set 100% balance or 50% or whatever you want. Let's say I want 20% in XMR, 30 % in ETH, and 10 % in PASC. The remaining of 60% should be untouched unless I decide to use on some other pair

l. If the bot makes a positive gain buys low -> sells higher and let's say we will realize a 0.21 BTC profit at the end of that cycle the bot must not use more than 0.20 BTC it started with at next buy/sell
2. If the bot makes a negative gain : buys high-> sells lower dues to stop loss and we will have 0.19 BTC the bot must check to not invest more than it resulted in last trade aka 0.19 BTC, preventing it to drain your balance on making more buy orders on dumps -> bot sees them better opportunity to invest..crossing EMA, etc
Also, could you add besides EMA also RSI, MACD or BB, or all 🙂 ? So that would require less babysitting



Nice job, Gunbot team! Thanks! 🙂



Here is my quick review of the bot:

A. The bot works! I made a little bit over only a few days. I expect to make more over time.

B. Gunbot team was EXTREMELY helpful with probably 20 questions I had! they responded quickly and didn't ever seem shady or evasive. Seemed cool enough that I bought it without escrow.

C. Get it while you can! I doubt they will have it this cheap forever



this statement should go without saying, any other time most others with the kind of access as Gunbot team has? could have been bad persons and kept this all to themselves and made all kinds of profits while the rest of us suffer on scams, but even though I don't personally know them their record and longevity, as well as customer service, goes without having to explain they are good.

They have earned a lot of good karma and I'm proud to be a part of this community.
Looking forward to becoming part of the profit gainers club.

Gunbot team: do you have a fav charity you either donate to or would like to help? I plan on donating a portion of my profits to that charity in your name or gunbot's name. I will of course also donate to the number one Gunbot team. hehe

Have a great weekend everyone, Brazilman37฿



Awesome gui Gunbot team, nice job!



Gunbot team, congratulation, you did an awesome job!

The x4 edition is exactly what I had in mind through my different suggestions …
Now I need 2~3 days of free time… I hope by the end of next week, to fully test this new release, can't wait!
Keep on a great job



Hey, Gunbot team!

Such an awesome bot! Keep hearing rave reviews about it! 😉 😉



It seems to perfectly work 🙂 good.



I'm a newbie and using Gunbot. Just bought it a few days ago before BTC mooned again, but those 3 days the bot did trade in profit. Now I stopped to wait for BTC shakeout, then will start it again. And yes there is nothing! nothing difficult – is easy as a pie! Plug&play. It doesn't require huge BTC depo to ROI himself. So I like it. Also s you see here you can find a preferable pair to enter bots config for more profits. Will post my review later when will have more stats. Gunbot team has awesome brains!



Hey Gunbot team, big fan of your work here, also considering buying your bot. Actually working on a similar project however not for cryptocurrencies
Hope I do as great a job as you did here!




This is my testimonial/review and suggestions for the bot. I would update this post every day (assuming I would not busy). So if you're interested in the bot, I suggest you read through here.

I got a copy of the GUNBOT from Gunbot support team on December 31, 2016. They gave me a wonderful 15 days to try it out. So I have until January 14, 2017, to try it!

About the GUNBOT

Plain and simple, the bot is plain and simple. Which is a good thing. No beating around the bush it just plain works as simple as that!

It’s a bit rough around the edges but totally working and I would say will pay for itself with the right amount of investments based on my observation of the first day it was trading.

User Interface
The UI is quite basic but functional, probably in the next updates, we would see some great UI. But currently, the UI will suffice for an investor's needs.

User Friendliness
The bot is basically easy to use even for a newbie in trading and technically I am a newbie in trading. The bot is quite easy to work around and doesn't require knowledge of any programming or tweaking the program. It just requires the settings, and honestly, the settings are easy to understand, just that tweaking it would require trader knowledge and experience. Well honestly, you would really require trader knowledge in this since you are trading, right?

Operating the bot
At the login page, the user will have to do is input API key and Secret API key then the program will show the settings of the bot. All the user have to do next is tweak the settings, again you need trading knowledge here, then just hit start. The settings would require, however, to set and start each PAIR (i.e. BTC/ETH, BTC/LTC, BTC/DOGE, etc.). So, for example, you want to trade as five pairs. Then you have to do start the bot five times.

Trading Strategy
The bot is performing what it needs to do! It trades based on the preset strategy based on the EMA1 and EMA2. So far it is looking to be an effective strategy and would seem to be profitable in the short-run as well as in the long-run.



Looks good and works I have to say. Will be using it for a week and see my results.

I have been running for about 24 hours, on 5 pairs. It is scary to think a bot is handling your money… just have to not panic as is stated many times here :). So far I am in a profit.

I did have some crashes though. I am running this on my home server in a VM locked down, windows 7 64 bit. I noticed the bot didn't do anything for about 5 hours on poloniex… was thinking maybe it was just waiting for a good time. I closed it all down and while doing so I had a C++ error. Should have saved it.

Started back up and away it went again.

Hope to continue with this bot of yours, looks very hopeful and it is just the start 😉

I do agree with some of the posts, I feel like the GUI needs some work. The settings and such are laid out and instructions are clear. I think something of a tabbed view would be best for all the bots, or a simple as a tab that shows the current bots and their progress or something in a nice window, rather than 5 console looking windows. Maybe with a button each to open the console session. I have worked on GUIs back in the day, as well as some coding but it has been awhile. I could sketch some GUIs up or something to see what I mean. I noticed it isn't voted very high, people would rather have a second exchange. But my only complaint is the GUI and all those console windows and the one crash I had.

Nice to see recent updates Gunbot team! Like others said, how do we get the latest version? I'd pm you as well.




This is my testimonial/review and suggestions for the bot.

So if you're interested in trying out the bot, I suggest you read through here.

I obtained a copy of the GUNBOT from Gunbot support team on December 27, 2016.

About the GUNBOT

It is KISS (keep it simple stupid), with all the fancy things other platforms at bot has, its a no frills make money bot, now its not gonna make you money if you do not know how to use it, I wanted to run it on Linux so it took some trial and error, but ultimately I got it running and connected with Gunbot support team.

User Interface
The UI is CLI, so its perfect for fundamentalists like me, I prefer CLI over GUI, its more efficient to run over multi pairs, so you can really make this thing into a power trading house.

User Friendliness
The bot should be easy to understand if you have some basic knowledge in trading and markets,
if you are complete newbie I suggest you do some homework before diving into it, even I had to go under at times due to my misconfiguration in the beginning, (PS back in the green now of course, but it is def profitable)

Operating the bot
I use Linux to run this, and Gunbot team showed me how to use SCREEN on Linux, it is much easier to manage than in WIN version I think due to the lack of screen real estate I have.

Trading Strategy
It uses 2MA simple and time-proven strategy to trade as explained by Gunbot team, I also use it at times to help me go into some manual positions, it's just a valuable tool to analyze the markets. If you want to utilize more advanced trading strategies, you should use more complex tools, this is a solid tool that does what it needs to do.

Gunbot team is always there to help out with the bot and would also give advice and guide you on how to use it properly. They were very helpful in the whole process and patient as ever with newbie questions. Don't forget to tip them!



I will try this, it seems to have a good review



I still am running the 1.3 Russian Roulette, along with the 2.0.2 that was released a couple of weeks ago. I find it so much fun, sometimes it buys up all my BTC in an alt and it gives me the creeps, but I freaking love the outcomes all the time!

I prefer the lOOOtrades strategy, for its steady flow, not sure if it still works in the new releases, or it is supergun only.

Gunbot team, this bot is so kewl!



Gunbot is doing fine so far, trading 7 pairs on an Odroid XU4 !-)

One quick question:
Is “MAX_BALANCE:” to use on one pair calculated off “Total Balance (BTC)” or “Total Balance” minus “on Orders”?

The Bot so far never used my whole BTC Balance and it looks like I can trade more than a 100% all summed up!-) I’m aware that it might leave the bot without funds on a pair “someday” but so far it has not happened!



This looks like an awesome product to buy, perhaps after this (hopefully little) bear market is over 🙂



This past week has been nice, finally got rid of all my bags and have new coins. Thankfully Gunbot team fixed the prices and allowed us to gain some profits again. Can't wait for the 1 August to be finally over and make even more profits!

Captain Corporate


GUNBOT make me rich!)



I bought gunbot back in March and I have to say I'm satisfied, I have not much btc to play, started with 1.5 and I am now with 4.86
if you have problems I can suggest you contact Gunbot team directly? They helped me when I had to install node.js to run gunbot so I don't know why you so angry.
the community is cool too, a lot of people in the group with a lot of shared information, I don't agree with SpiryGolden: gunbot is making me money and I'm happy with it.



As a Gunbot user all the way back to this past February… I can attest to a reasonable 1% a 24 hour period, sometimes less sometimes more but over thirty days that was an average. Not to overstate it but these past few months with all the turmoil in btc and alts… it's getting tougher…Gunbot team has come up with more strategies to help and it takes some tuning. Also, they have added exchanges….the latest is Cryptopia. Where my favorite coin is found.


Trading Results


What is Gunbot?

Gunbot is a software that allows you to automate your trading on cryptocurrency markets. Its main goal is to make trading operations on autopilot, so you can save your time.

Does Gunbot buy and sell automatically?

Yes, Gunbot is able to execute up to 8 precoded trading strategies on autopilot. Also, you can easily customize the trading style to your likings, and it will buy and sell coins following the trading strategy you want. The only thing you have to do is to install and configure the bot and to add the coins you want to trade with. After that, Gunbot will execute buy and sell operations for you following the strategy you chose, no matter if you are sleeping or relaxing at the beach drinking a mojito.

On what operating systems can I run Gunbot?

Actually, Gunbot supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and ARM.

What are the minimum requirements to run Gunbot?

The latest version of Gunbot is very low resource demanding, it can even run in an old laptop or even in a raspberry.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments through Bitcoin. After clicking “Buy Now” and filling the form, you will be able to send the payment.

Where can I buy Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies?

There are many Exchanges where you can buy Bitcoin and other altcoins. One of the most popular is Coinbase.

What do I need in order to get my Gunbot license activated?

You only need to login to your Exchange (Poloniex, Bittrex,, Binance, Bitfinex, Kraken, Gdax or Cryptopia) and create an API Key. In payment form, you will be asked to enter your API key so we can activate your license.

What is the best Exchange to trade with Gunbot?

Gunbot works on 8 Exchanges. The one you want to trade at it’s your choice. Nowadays, one of the most popular is Binance because it has a very high volume and lowest fees.

Is it possible to change my API Key?

Yes, as far as you change your original API Key for other API Key from the same Exchange. For example, for some reason your original Bittrex API Key is deleted, then we can disable your old API Key and enable a new one, but you can’t change your Bittrex API Key for an API Key from Poloniex or any other Exchange.

What is a VPS? Do you recommend to run the bot in a VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It’s just a remote computer in which you can run the bot. The bot works fine on any computer but there are several advantages of running Gunbot in a VPS. For example:

a) You don’t need to keep your computer turned on 24 hours/day.

b) You save in your electricity bill.

c) You can connect to your VPS to check the bot from anywhere, from any computer, notebook or cell phone.

d) The VPS connections are really strong, this means that it doesn’t matter if your home Internet connection drops, the bot will still be working in the VPS. Also, a strong connection helps the bot to be more fast and efficient.

What strategies can I run with Gunbot?

Gunbot includes 8 precoded strategies: Bollinger Bands, TSSL, Gain, Stepgain, Ping Pong, Ichimoku, Emotionless and BBRSI. You can also tweak the default parameters and create your own trading strategy.

Is it easy to install Gunbot?

Gunbot installation is very easy and it usually takes a few minutes for someone with basic computer skills (download files, browse a website etc…) We also provide support for gunbot installation.

Do you offer support?

Yes, purchasing a Gunbot license you will get access to the main Telegram and Gunbot University Slack support.

I want personalized support and help with installation and configuration.

BuyGunbot offers Premium support service in the form of  GBU Associate Program targeted for users who want to accelerate getting their gunbot up and running faster than if they were to do it on their own. This gives access to 1 on 1 personalized chat with our support team, help for installation and configuration, support via Teamviewer if needed, access to our Private Telegram group, access to GBU Slack where we share settings for Gunbot, special tutorials and more.

How many coins can Gunbot handle at the same time?

There is no limit. Gunbot can handle any number of coins you want to add.

How much time does the Gunbot license last?

Gunbot license doesn’t expire. That means that you will get updates, improvements and new versions for free forever.

How long does it take my license to be active after I make a purchase?

During Purchase, you will be asked to enter your API key in payment form so we can activate your license. Once we get your API key, the activation usually takes only a few minutes, but it can take up to a few hours in some cases.

Can I install Gunbot on several computers if I own one license?

Yes, you can install Gunbot on several computers but note that you can only run it on one computer at the same time.

I have no idea of what Bitcoin is and I have never traded in my life. Can I use Gunbot?

Regardless you trade manually or using an automation software like Gunbot, it’s highly recommended to have some basic knowledge. You should keep in mind that crypto markets are very volatile and despite they offer good opportunities to get amazing profits, they also involve a high risk.

Do you offer financial advice?

No, we are not financial advisors.

Do you offer refunds?

No, due to the nature of digital products, we don’t offer refunds.

I have more questions or suggestions.

You can send us an email to [email protected]. We will be glad to answer your questions.